Aleppo is fallen – Mosul not yet

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Aleppo is fallen to the Syrian Government. This does not signal the end of the conflict, but ends the Turkey/Saudi/Qatar/US dream to get rid of Assad

Aleppo was also a great channel for weapons from Turkey…so that is even more crippling for the rebels.

The Syrian war will end in 2017, unless Turkey gets fully involved.

Mosul, center of IS in Iraq, the battle is still raging as the strategy to take Mosul was a bit botched (instead of encircling and leave an escape door open they decided to sent in the special forces in first from only one direction).

By the way you always here by the civilian deaths in Aleppo.

in Mosul there is no word of civilian deaths…but UN sources says that already 2,000 Iraqi soldiers have died in November and IS launched at least 600 suicide attacks (15 a day!!).

Mosul battle will rage for months probably

But the civilians deaths are only in Aleppo…or is it the Western media?




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