Rally like it is 2000, NASDAQ

Posted: December 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well this rally starting to look pretty similar to the NASDAQ rally of 2000.

I still remember that even numbers that were not perfect were indicative of better number in the near future and it rally into euphoria till 30 March 2000 at 4,572.

Then, almost folding onto his own weight, it crashed to 1108 in October 2002.

Nasdaq did not recover until July, 2015 (or now, if you take into account inflation).

Now as Brexit, Trump and Italy shows there is euphoria as anyway the Reserve Banks will step in and save the day.

It will not end now….maybe March 2017 or maybe later…but the similarity are quite creepy indeed.

How this market will crash it is really hard to predict. The three major potential are

-inflation shock

-Trump policy mistake (or, when the markets realize that the Trump policies do not work)

-a real political break up (eg France) that cannot be contained.



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