About Europe

Posted: December 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well Italy won the vote against the system, while Austria the pro Europe sentiment won.

Is it the tide turning against populism.

Unfortunately not.

Yes in Austria the far right lost (still polling ahead for the 2018 Austrian elections), but with 46% of support.

In 2002 in Europe there was an outrage when another Far Right candidate was got 18%.

Before 2000 these were marginal parties that, with luck, where collecting 1 to 5% of the votes.

As Europe is failing its citizens and its promises you have a break of social contract. This leads for rebellion, which, for now, it is shown in the tide of elections.

How can it be fixed?


-raising inequality


-restoring traditional values (incompatibility with Islam)

I would be surprised if any of our leaders can fix those issues.



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