The Trump Revolution

Posted: November 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

A bit like Brexit, the impossible looks just like happened!

President Trump will probably be the 45th US President (the data say saw, but let’s wait for the confirmation)

This is the storm that engulf the UK, the US and soon Europe (Italexit??)

In the last 20 years (if not more) the middle class has been devastated and now it is rebelling against the 1% ultra rich (which includes the Clinton Supporters like Robert De Niro, Beyonce and others).

Yes I would have much preferred a better candidate than Trump, but sometime you need to accept an unlikely hero.

In the next few days the market will sell off and gold will rise and my clients are primed for the opportunity (the Chinese symbol for risk means also opportunity – and I agree with them).

Like the Russian and French revolution, the revolution starts with the middle class (or the working class as Mao Zedong would put it – also Mao was from moderately well off agrarian family).

The previous revolutions were sparked by famine. This is the first “matrix” internet revolution. Internet spread the knowledge and people can see and find what is the truth and what is happening.

Welcome to the Revolution – in 10 years the world will look very different and if you better understand it




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