US election: the loser is democracy

Posted: November 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

The world awaits the election in the US with trepidation.

With Clinton and Trump I never seen a more vitriolic, Third World Style election campaign.

Wednesday (Australian time) we will know the winner, but we already know the loser.

The multiple emails dumps and releases it shows that, whoever wins, democracy is the big loser in this election.

In 4 years we went from the fake but nice “Yes we can” Obama’s motto (who left the Middle East in flame and the American society more divided than ever – biggest delusion) to the “Yes we fear” of this election.

On the Democrat side (to cut it short) – indictment or not – we can see the pressure brought by the Democratic National Convention and President Obama to the FBI and the Department of Justice – just to name a few.

We see how the Democrat National Committee instructs the interviews of the CNN (latest Wikileaks release) to sink the adversaries in a great media – political establishment conspiracy.

On the Republican side it is less evident , you see that the establishment tried to stop Trump and a lot of Republicans even switched side (the Bush family votes Hillary !).In a sense the Left – which should be the people party, be in Italy, Australia or US (places that I know quite well) is always more dodgy – but this should not be really surprising…Soviets or Nazis (National Socialist Party) started as”Left” Parties).

The real victim of all this is democracy and the middle class.

The West practically lost its moral superiority to the Chinese Communist Party or to Putin’s Russia.

In this world the main powers are a Plutocracy, a One Party Rule and a dictator. Just different faces of the same power.

*I am not liking the Nazis or Soviets to the current Left Parties. I am just saying that when your base is “the people” or “socialism” one can get way with much more. For example in Italy, the 4th December, PM Renzi, Left, is pushing for a referendum for changing the Italian Constitution in order to give more power to the Government and no demonstration or heavy critiques happened . Ex PM Berlusconi, Right, tried it years ago and had to stop due to the backlash.

One word of warning: the establishment can defeat Trump, but the movement which the paid media define as “populism” to make it sound wrong – will not stop – in US, in Europe, in Australia.

The Middle Class is rebelling and the establishment better starts listening.

The seeds of the Russian revolution of 1917 were created in 1890 with the industrial revolution.

The seeds of the French Revolution of 1792 started at least with the Agrarian Crisis of 1785

Both were caused by inequality.

The seeds of the new revolution is already here – the internet as the establishment cannot hide the reality of what it is.


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