Yemen, a false flag Saudi operation?

Posted: October 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Another bit of fog of war – last week several missile were apparently shot at 2 US Warships in Yemen waters and one of the US ships shot cruise missile to take out Houthi’s radar.

The Houthi said they never shot at US warships (well, they are not that stupid…so it makes sense)

Today Reuters reports that the Pentagon have altered the story saying that they are assessing the incident and they are not sure what happened.

So funny enough a warship with state of the art systems does  not know what happened? Quite funny indeed.

And by the way the cruise missiles that the US warship shot against Yemen (so a nation that never declared war to the US) were real. If it was not American (eg Russia) this would a terrible assault on a independent and innocent nation!

My best guess is that it was a Saudi false flag attack to involve the US in Yemen.

Again, it make sense – the US, after the airstrike that killed over 200 people and injured over 300 on a funeral (by the Saudis with US laser guided precision bond) – the US threatened the Saudi to review their support. So the Saudi want to hit a US warship so the US has to remain involved and go deeper.

When the US will learn who is the real enemy? Never – as there are too much money involved and most of their politicians (Clinton foundation received between $10 million and 25 million dollar from the Saudi Government – font New York Times (foundations are required to disclosed only ranges not specific amounts).

By the way USD 25 million would be 20% of the entire Clinton campaign, ops!



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