The elite attack on Trump

Posted: October 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

I am not particularly pro Trump ( I am still standing on my idea that a sex predator is better than a war criminal), but I can see a concerted attack when I see one.

All the “friends of Clinton” (elite, newspapers, actors, Soros, Buffett) are trying the utter best to find real and fake stories on Trump.

And probably they will reserve the worst for the last, I do not know what it is – but being Trump a developer it could be some Mafia link or dodgy deal.

This in effect could be the end of Trump…or not.

Why not?

  • As the US election is not compulsory the Democrats could decide not to vote as “anyway she will win” (a bit like Brexit)
  • The people could recognize that this mass attack from the elites to Trump it is what it is – an orchestrated attempt to manipulate democracy.
  • Wikileaks probably will wait the last week to show its best cards – maybe the prove that Clinton  is a war criminal having pushed the situation in Lybia, Syria and Ukraine.

Whatever happens, Trump could be out – but not “Trumpism”.

Trumpism is the fact that the middle class has been trashed by the elites in USA, Europe and Australia in the name of Globalization and now it is at its poorest since the end of the Second World War – and it is rebelling – Middle Class Spring.

This is just the start – Revolution of this magnitude take times.

The last one ware the European Revolutions of 1848. Defeated by the elites on the field, they practically transformed anyway society to become what we know now by 1867.

We are currently seeing something similar (the jury is still out if the elites will win), by 2025 the world will be quite different anyway.


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