Syriageddon – update

Posted: October 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Obama is convoking the war counsels to decide what to do about Syria – as the Western media now convinced the masses that we need to intervene.

The options looks like two and both bad.

  1. Try and declare a no-fly zone. This would mean taking out Syria’s air defenses. Not only it would lead to more casualties as the air defenses are scattered throughout civilian suburbs. Also it would most probably start a conflict between the US – Russia. Hopefully limited to Syria.
  2. Arming with man pad (anti aircraft shoulder missile) the so called “good” rebels. Unfortunately quite a lot of good rebel have turned to be bad (last year all of the US Special forces trained rebels, once into Syria, crossed to IS) and also the good one can be defeated in battle. Once Islamic State has shoulder missile they will logically find their way in the West – specially in Europe – for some civilian airplane attack while landing let’s say in Paris. Unfortunately the friends of the US (Saudi, Qatar etc) they are pushing for this solution (well at least you will know who to blame) – probably even without proper US consensus.

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