Is Trump trumped?

Posted: October 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

We had some dismal weeks for Trump supporters as new and old Trump interviews show the worst of him.

Is he finished?

Not at all. Actually the continuous and relentless attacks could actually favour him in his voter base.

Firstly it shows how much the elites hate him – they are scavenging all his history to find blunders.

Secondly,  all of the accusers are super millioners which are far away detached by the issues of the impoverished American middle wealth family (never so poor in US history).

So the game will continue till the end.

At the same time who is against Clinton will never vote her. In secondary newspapers there are a lot of stories of her wrongdoings that somehow do not make the headlines.

Lots are stories and lots of real. But I never knew of anyone that had 52 friends and associates killed – well aside Queen Cersei of Game of Thrones … 


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