US Presidential election, markets, the week after

Posted: October 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

President D. Trump

He can win as he has always being given the losing position by the media and always won. Also at least CNN and Reuters polls are skewed as they are interviewing more Democrats than Republican. As Clinton is not trusted also many Clinton theoretical supporters could not show as it happens for Brexit.

The market will sell off sharply, gold will rise, industrial commodities and currencies (like aud) will fall.

President H. Clinton

She can win as she has a majority in the electoral colleges (201 vs 165, target 270). Plus the big money and the media are behind her.

The market will have a very small relief rally as she is the predestined winner.

The biggest issue of this election is that they really look like a third world country election with no President disliked more.


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