A new problem from Yemen

Posted: October 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

The battle between Houthis and Saudis has been off the news for quite  while. But it is still raging and the Saudis are behaving like the Syrian Government (as usual as the Saudis supposedly are pro West, you will not hear it too much).

The development is that the Houthi rebel attacked and sunk a UAE vessel (supposedly a medical re supply vessel, but other reports affirm it was shooting).

The question is that if the Houthis are acquiring rockets able to sink ships in the Straits the consequences for oil and trade in general are quite large as that is a major shipping lane.

It also mean that the supposed embargo is not really working.

The threat is quite intense – so much so the US sent 3 warships in the area.

Also this could be seen as an Iran/Russian warning to the US due to the breakdown of relations in Syria.

As a side news Iraq (which is now backed by Iran an Russia) yesterday warned Turkey that its attack on Syria/ Northern Iraq (where it has 2,000 soldiers) is not welcome anymore.

As you can see – if the situation goes wrong in Syria – the Middle East will blow up.



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