Back to the Cold War

Posted: October 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well over the weekend the new Warm War between Russia and the USA, suddenly became cold, even a tiny bit colder than the Cold War.

  • US terminated any cooperation with Russia in Syria
  • Russia terminated an agreement to turn the plutonium (nuclear bomb fuel) to an inert material

This is probably the last straw that brings us back to old times.

It is a little bit colder than before as now, with the current technology, nuclear weapon can be used for real as now they even have clean nuclear weapon (lower level of radiation), precision nuclear weapon and dial-a -yield nuclear weapons (so practically you can choose what sort of damage you want to inflict).

Hopefully we will not get there, but the stakes are growing higher by the minute and the window for negotiations is practically closed, specially if Clinton wins.

What a legacy, President Obama.



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