The month Of Trump and Clinton

Posted: October 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Presidential surprise month has started in earnest.

A leak showed that Trump potentially has not paid taxes for 10 years due an almost million dollar loss in 1995.

True to the fact that the media at large are pro Clinton, they did not show that Clinton foundation declared a $700,000 loss as late as 2015.

The fact is that all wealthy individuals and corporations are very good at avoiding losses.

The same leak responsible newspaper , New York Times, had a $3,6 million tax reimbursement despite having a pre tax profit of almost $30 million.

And in Australia is the same, Ikea paid the first small amount of taxes in 2014, after starting the Australian operations in 22003.

Wikileaks canceled an event on Tuesday about “Clinton email release” due to unspecified due to security concerns.

About that conspiracy theorist are going nuts, as the DNC staffer that leaked the first batch of damaging email, Seth Ritch, got killed in a botched robbery. Although no money was taken and this could be a botched robbery for real – Assange hinted that the cause was different.

Conspiracy or not – there are 53 violent deaths within the close friends or enemies of the Clinton’s.

I do not know if it is true or not – but I do not know of anyone with so many people around turning up dead.



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