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The Syrian war is assuming day by day a more frightening connotation, if possible.

The US-Russian truce went up in smoke as the US and allied forces erroneously  bombed the Syrian army killing over 60 soldiers and then Russia and Syria retaliated bombing medical convoys and Aleppo in general as they do not believe it was an error (as the bombing lasted one hour by 4 different jets, 2 f16s and 2 A10s and the base was in Syrian hands from May 2016)

This was the last “peaceful” approach between US and Russia to settle.

Now let’s make a step back in time.

The Western media representation of indeed an awful situation reminds me quite starkly of the Yugoslav wars of  1991/1999 – when the situation was so bad that the US intervened (technically siding with the Muslim again a Orthodox Serbia). Just fact, not judgement, everybody should remember how bad it was.

This also was one of the two episodes for which Putin as grudge with the US

The first is logically the fall of the Soviet Union and the non -respect from the US part of the promise for NATO not to move towards Russia.

The other was an humiliation in Serbia on 12 June 1999, where at the Pristina airport (Serbia) a column of 30 Russian armored vehicle and 250 Russian paratrooper were surrounded by NATO troops and had to hastily and shamefully retreat.

Now if the Western media keep the pressure so high is because the US/NATO is really prepping to intervene in Syria. Already in December 2015, Obama’s Defence Secretary told a Senate hearing that the policy Clinton Secretary of State) would advocate would require  substantial ground forces  and would put the US military at risk of direct confrontation with Syria and Russian force

The relationship between Clinton and Putin has never been good and, over the decades, they even traded insults (Clinton “Putin does not have a soul’ to which the Russian replied…”a chief of state should at least have a head’).

Hillary record includes supporting the Yugoslav war, Iraq wars, Afghan war, Libya war, Ukrainian uprising, Honduras coup and supporting the current Syrian uprising.

All the major US wars started with a Democrat President (First, Second World War, Korean War and Vietnam War were all started under Democratic Presidents…also counting the minor wars 16 Dem vs 10 Republican since 1800).

I am not saying that Trump will be able to avoid a confrontation with Russia, but with Clinton you are quite sure.

If a confrontation with Russia will really happen, it can easily escalate out of control. Putin, after the jet fighter downed by the Turkish, will have to do something – as his position between the Russian hawks could really be critical.

And you do not want a war with Russia. It is not anymore the Soviet Union, but it is not a second rated army.

Moreover China is siding with the Syrian government and if China thinks that the tactic of the US is to deal with Russia and then deal afterwards with China – it could tempted to join the fray (plus in this years of push towards the Chinese consumer – US and China are much less economically intertwined that a decade ago).

And that my friends, would be the 3rd world war – Americans – your vote matters more than you know it.




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