The US debate Trump vs Clinton -Update

Posted: September 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

At 11am, Eastern Australia Time, there is the first debate.

Usually Presidential races bear little real effect on the market, but this time is different.

US institutions have bet big (both phisically as giving money to Clinton and as positions) on Clinton.Also Soros, Bloomberg and other super-investors are staunch Clinton supporters.

So if Trump wins the debate, the October market girations will start early.


It has been done. Clinton seemed more prepared (people against her would say she is the more accomplished liar). Anyway the debate did not sway anybody.

The markets thinks Hillary slightly won (by the look of US Futures or cross US/Mexican Peso).

On line polls seems to favour Trump

Political commentator seem to side with their own political preferences.

The one truly beaten was the presenter  Holt who seemed often at loss about what to do.


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