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The data fusion company IDI in the US is the first real private Big Brother of Orwellian memory.

It has been authorized to collect data on every available data about you, even snapshot from public systems and GPS coordinates.

It is mainly used now by private investigators and regulated by Federal Trade Commission.

It has data of every adult American. I imagine the rest of the West will follow.

Nowhere to hide in our democracy (sarcastic)

Disinformation in Europe

Posted: August 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

In the heart of the supposed democratic Europe another lie.

The Sundanese Norwegian guy that stabbed people in Russell Square, London has been treated like a mental illness scenario.

Funny enough the same person pledged alliance to Al Qaeda in 2014.

The European democracies are do worried about the rise of the right…that they do whatever necessary to protect their way of democracy.  Which is not democratic at all. #plutocracy

Market lessons from Brexit

Posted: August 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

Now we are quite far away from Brexit to have a look.

The market after an initial sell off bounced back strongly – so much so that we are in a Bull market pattern for the UK.

There is also a clear winner – FTSE 100 beats (by 3.8%) hands down FTSE 250 as larger companies profit more from the currency effect.

Extending to Europe the biggest losses are mainly in the next potential victim in the domino effect (in this case Italy) and the countries most exposed to to the “exit country” (so if you are afraid of Italexit you should avoid France, for example).

In the US the effects were felt, but more as a panic shock than else and in Asia there was no clear pattern.

A word of warning is that Article 50 (formal Brexit) has not be triggered yet and the next victim. Also the next “domino effect” would be the real trigger as the UK has the pound (also in the real domino…is the second piece that triggers everything)

Of oil and gold

Posted: August 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Oil is returning in a Bear market with target in the early $30s.

I was never convinced by this rally as a lot of data were fake (the oil companies where using off shore tankers as hidden deposits)…so it is simply does what should have done (over $42 for me was untouchable)

Gold, gold is consolidating, but the fact it did not even reach $1,300 confirms the strong uptrend. Technically as an objective of $1,550, once it breaks 1,400