Apple and Europe

Posted: August 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

It is a bit early to understand the consequences, but the issue that Apple has been asked to pay back Euro 13 billion in unpaid tax (not a penalty..just what owed) as a political motivation.

Brexit, Trump, Le Pens have scared to death the establishment. And the establishment is doing something to placate the population, which is rising against the mega corporation that dominate the market without paying tax in any significant way (not just Apple and Europe, IKEA paid the first small profit in Australia in 2013 since started operations in the mid 80s).

Also to counter the Brexit effect, Europe only chance is to finally to start a fiscal integration, not just monetary.

Lastly it is a rise in protectionism (similar cases are against Google, Samsung and other).

This is just another phase of the multi faceted battle for Europe survival…or death.


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