Brexit: Out of the EU, out of problems

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

More bad problems for the Pro Euro

The first data post Brexit show a great just of retail. UK sales +1.2% (expectations +0.2%)….but what is more important that is all store types signaled an uptrend.

The UK Pound is sharply up.

It is early to say…but this is shaping up badly for the German European Union.

With Brexit, All the scaremongering can be proved wrong…and more people will want to abandon Europe.

As the Battle for Britain (1940) in the Second War World, Brexit is a pivotal moment.

By 2020 the Fourth Reich (European Union) will be history.As the the Third Reich.

As the Third, it will go down in history as a period of poverty and economic collapse….and hopefully we go back to the”1950-1960″ recovery which were the best times ever. Well, we are getting even  the 1950s Cold War…which again is perking up…then they say history does not repeat!


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