Never ending rally

Posted: August 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

The market keeps on surprising analysts as technically should crash…but goes always up (thanks to the Reserve Banks).

So where it could end? The theory of secular bull market and the fact that the January crash can be seen as an inverted head and shoulder it can give you a projection on SP500 of 2,420 that in euphoria status could be reaching 2,500.

This will not an easy or short time (the last mega bull start in the early ’80s and ended in 2000) and there will be plenty of scares along the way.

Even for me it is hard to believe as all the data point to a crash….but the stock market…at the end is a market…the more the buyer (and the Fed is the biggest) the more the price goes up. Any real estate agent in Australia knows it.

Is the market rigged? Yes. Can you make money? Yes but you need to understand the game.


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