President Trump for world peace

Posted: August 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

That is a funny thought.

Already Putin and Kim Young Hun (North Korea) said praises of Trump and that would be happy to negotiate with him.

Now also the Hezbollah commander in chief (Syria) is saying the same.

The US media are in uproar because the enemy of the US are praising Trump. Or is it the weapon lobbies in collision with the media?

A re pacification of these countries would mean that the Ukrainian and Syrian conflict would disappear (Islamic State survive only because the big powers do not agree). North Korea would settle down.

It would probably remain China as a threat. But as a potential threat does not drive purchases like other minor active wars.

This is why the biggest lobbies pro Clinton are the weapons lobby. She will continue the eternal war started under Bush and Obama (who actually extended the bellicosity of Bush).

Choose carefully the next President.  You get what you chose   


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