Turkey coup fall out, Obama loses again

Posted: July 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

One of the unforeseen consequences of the Turkey coup is a re alignment between Turkey and Russia.

Already during the coup, President Erodogan criticised the USA for harboring a suspected mastermind (part of the witch hunt).

As President Erodogan uses the golpe to eliminate all enemies, he knows well that the West will never accept.

So it is turning to Russia and mending ties.

This is very disturbing and probably the nail in the coffin for a disastrous foreign affair policy of Obama/Clinton.

Having lost Syria to the Russia/Iran coalition , now it could lose also Turkey and practically the whole Middle East (also Israel is pivoting to Russia).

If, due to terrorism and immigration, next year in Germany and France the Right wing parties win – we could really see the end of the Great American Empire.


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