France, Germany..waiting for Reichskrystallnacht

Posted: July 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

It is the German name for the Night of Broken Glasses, 9/10 November 1938 where the Nazi Germany started the persecution of Jews in Germany.

In  that night hundreds of Jewish shops git smashed, over 90 Jews were killed and in the aftermath more  than 30,000 Jews got arrested. It was the start of the Holocaust.

Yesterday a bomb gone off in a German bar….today a knife attack in small French town church, if it is confirmed that is another IS attack the situation becomes perfect for the rise of the Right.

Even the head of the French intelligence is scared that people will start getting matters on their hand. Unfortunately it is just a logical consequence, unless the normal Muslim community starts to patrol itself. In Soviet Russia there were never more 20% of Stalinists and in Germany there were just 25% of full on Nazi. People are scared of this invasion.

And the more IS is under pressure in Syria/Iraq  the more it will  try to leash out to remain relevant.

Next year Alternative for Germany and the French National Party will have the best chance to sweep into power and ir will be a  time to be scared.

If a Muslim Reichscrystallnacht will not start before.

Interesting fact…after that awful night over 300 German Nazi party officers were interviewed by a psychologist….65% were appaled by the violence and condemned racial bias and only 5% approved the violence.

You know how it ended.  


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