Geopolitics of terror attacks

Posted: July 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

France has been the center of terror attacks from over a year and also Germany had its series of sex assaults (New Year Eve) and really recent terror attack (not all linked to IS, but terror attacks none the less.

And next year there are two important elections in Germany and France.

If this path continues we could easily have the the rise of the Right (Front National in France and Alternative for Germany).

This two parties have something particular in common, they are anti Europe and pro Russia.

Then there is October Italian referendum (which, if it fails could get us to Italexit) and a possible Far Right Austrian President an an anti immigration referendum in Hungary.

If we add to this that Trump could become President and he has a more isolationist position (and less aggressive versus Russia)….we could see a geopolitical revolution with Europe pivotingĀ to the Right and to Russia.

Now there will be people crying wolf, but this are times with no easy way out.

The alternative could be a President Clinton that could really start a major war with Russia.

Definitely I prefer the Right.



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