Pokemon Go…and the stock market

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

A client yesterday asked how you make money in this irrational market?

Sometime you just have to listen…and have great investment software that can analyse your ideas.

Please be aware that this is General Advise and the the market already has acted on this idea.

Pokemon Go is storming the world.

Pokemon is owned 32% by Nintendo, Japan…so Nintendo is the main beneficiary  (and it it did +98%!) and second beneficiary is the Japan (but Nintendo is just little more than 1.5% of the exchange traded funds in Japan).

Digging inside the rest of Pokemon is backed by Venture Capitalist…from Niantic – partially backed by Alphabet (Google).

If you then look at the sales, Apple stands to make 2 billion dollars from Appstore.

If you look further afield McDonald jumped 10% on the news it will sell Pokemon figurines in Japan.

But this will shake up the whole of the Virtual Reality scene, Google, KKR Alibaba have invested a lot in VR (Magic Leap, a company specialized in VR headset, in particular).

Then you could down to who will sell these headset on the net (Ebay, Amazon) or in store.

So a simple idea can give you investment propositions that go beyond the market jitters.



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