Terrorism and vote No Clinton

Posted: July 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Where all this terror attack started? This phase started in the West with  9/11.

Then the US went to Afghanistan and what should have been a quick kick out Al Qaeda (done in 2 weeks) became a over 10 years war. Due to security, but a lot also because the US multinationals wanted a piece of the pie (war, minerals, gas pipelines). Then we had a series of wars that have the same patterns…big bad guy in an interesting position (Syria, Qatar to Turkey gas pipeline), Lybia and Iraq(some of the best quality light crude oil), Ukraine (part of the American help was given if the “grain country”  of Europe modified its constitution to allow Monsanto genetically modified grains). .

So practically you can understand that the lobbies always push the US around the globe for their interest.

Hillary Clinton after the Bill Presidency built a multi dollar empire giving very lucrative speeches to Governments and multi nationals.

If she is elected you can be sure this will continue this path as she is in the hand of the American lobbies.

They will create power vacuum in states …and place without institutions are perfect breeding ground for terrorism (Syria under Assad had no terrorism activity).

Vote No Clinton


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