France: look who will be back!

Posted: July 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

Another terrible terror attack in France.

As Monsieur Calvar (French Intel Chief) said it – a few more terror attacks and migrant rapes and there will a conflict between French Far Right and Muslim.

If the European Government do not step seriously into action, Europe is unfortunately readying for a populist uprising as people are sick and tired of having their a country stolen and having their hopes for themselves and their children destroyed.

A similar idea and situation was in a country in the middle of Europe in the early years of last century. It brought the rise to power of a person.

He was evil and brought destruction on a massive scale. He is dead, but his ideas are live and prosper (look at the movie Look who is back!)).

He will not carry his name, but he will be one and the same, Adolf Hitler. Maybe female.

Just with a different racial target.


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