AustralianElection: a slim victory

Posted: July 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Liberals have won and they could even form a majority government (5 seats are still too close to count, but they are leaning that way).

Even if the independents could be not required, there have been several concessions to them in the back stages.

In the win, a few takes on the Government

The Conservatives in the Party have been emboldened and thy will ask for a re think of the superannuation reforms and strengthen the focus on the Budget.

Cabinets will be reshuffled and the Royal Committee into the big banks dodgy behavior (on interest rigging, this time) will be a no-show or softened.

The SP rating AAA has been already switched to negative, but will need to wait for the mid year update to see the outcome (I will still think we will lose it – but not such a great deal- we have still one of the cleanest shirt in the world as Deficit goes – but that will have an adverse effect on Australian banks and the regional governments debt).

]Take on the Opposition

The Medi Scare campaign should be matter for  serious police inquiry at federal level.

The Labor Party should thanks Victorian PM Andrews and its pro-unions despicable  attack on the Fire Authority (CFA) for the loss.

Take on the Future

The vote essentially has been a “none of the above” vote. In the future we just need to have a candidate that can rally the masses in the good or the bad (Trump comes to my mind) to have an  Australian revolution that will break the Liberal/Labor dominion.



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