Brexit and the end of European democracy

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Greek referendum voted YES – and the Government took over the decision and decided to stay IN.

In Portugal a winning Left anti EU Government was  not elected.

In Austria a Right Nationalist win was denied at the last minute – even if there was evidence of tampering (as reported in this blog I found a town with 146% voters)

Now the polls indicates that Brexit could really happen.

Immediately the BBC reports that pro EU  UK MPs in the Lower House could use their vote to keep the UK in the Eurozone even if Brexit win.

Well time we stop teasing the Chinese or Russia or even Iran for their lack of Democracy.

We are just another regime.

The Chinese have the Communist Party, Russia has Putin, Iran has the Ayatollah and we have a Plutocracy of invisible finance/corporate money.

All hail the visionary Philip P Dick “Blade Runner” and the sequel (from a different author, Mike Davis) on the same theme “Urban Control and the Ecology of Fear”.



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