A REAL Games of Thrones

Posted: June 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

What is happening in Syria around the “Kurdish issue” is really nothing short of the best (worst) episodes of Games of Thrones.

Basic infos

The Kurds are a people that originally come from nomadic tribes in the North West Iran and have in general Iranian, Armenian, Semitic and Turkish origin. They have a mix of Sunni, Shia, Yezidis and Christian religious sects. And they never had a state

So we have different parties

Kurds are the most effective fighters again Islamic State both in Syria and Iraq.

Syrian Kurds and Iraqi Kurds usually do not like each other.

Syrian Kurds allegedly supports the terrorist group PKK inside Turkey

What is happening

The US supports the Kurds in Syria and Iraq as they are the most effective fighters against IS – so much so that the US embedded several hundreds of special forces with them.

Russia is supporting the Syrian Kurds and the PKK in their fight against IS and Turkish allied forces.

The Syrian Government army fights against the Kurds as they want to establish a defacto Kurdish state in Syria.

Turks (Saudi and Qatar) is supporting Al Nusra in Syria to fight the Kurds in particular. In Turkey the Turkish Army is causing massacres within the Kurdish part of Turkey – the Western media just do not report it (no foreign journalist is allowed inside the area of Cizre, Batman and Silopi there are talks of more than 2,000 civilians killed).

But Turkey in Syria is losing ground and it is thinking of entering in force in Syria (Turkish special forces are already operative) or “importing” the Iraqi Kurds (which could turn around). The issue of Turkish Army to get inside Syria is the strong NIET (NO) by Russia (would be considered a sovereign aggression and dealt with it likewise).

Israel, in the shadows, supports the Kurdish state as there are both similarities in the two states and also a Kurdish strand is deriving by some Semitic strands.

So you see what a mess!





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