Brexit and Operation Fear

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

From now till the 23 June, the fear campaign will reach ever high crescendo.

All the marketing power of the “democratic” media, multinationals and politicians will try to incute terror in the English people and everybody.

It will be again a Battle for Britain.No bombs but psychological terror. Europe (captained by Germany…again) will again try to subdue the UK as, if the UK exit, it will accellerate the disintegration of Europe.

There is no precedent before so no one really knows. Norway and Switzerland live quite well without being in the EU.

I am not expert but some smart people I follow are pro Brexit.

Yes there will be immediate repercussions if Brexit happens and Brits specially will be scared of their little kingdom (property and pension).

To the Brits: In 1940 your grandfathers risked much more to stop the Germans.
….make a decision (whatever is it) based on your conviction not your fears

Think about your sons and daughters as your grandfathers did.


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