Hiroshima, President Obama and lies

Posted: May 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

This morning I got quite upset when I heard the President Obama speech in Hiroshima about “never again nuclear war”.

Such a lie.

During President Obama there has been an extreme push to update and upgrade the nuclear arsenal, even with supposedly clean (so usable) nuclear bombs. Over USD 1 trillion has been spent on it since 2014 – the biggest sum after the end of the Cold War

The US is maintaining circa 1,900 nuclear warheads.

  • Upgrading and refurbishing the ICBM Minuteman (all of them)- land and marine version
  • Creation of a “mini” nuclear smart bomb delivered by fighter jets (B61 Model 12). This bomb has been deployed in 2015 to the Buchel Airbase in Germany (first time a new nuclear warhead has been deployed in Europe after the fall of the USSR)
  • A B61 nuclear bomb with a “dial a yield” function (it can decrease the yield down to 2% and up to 100% – depending on target)
  • Development of a nuclear capable advanced cruise missile
  • President Obama is pushing for the developments of the hyper-sonic first strike missile (Prompt¬†Global Strike)

The much criticized President W Bush reduced the nuclear weapons from 10,000 to 5,000 – President Obama from 4,950 to 4,700(Source Federation of American Scientist) – but much more modern…compact and “usable”.

And Hillary Clinton will follow his lead.

The Russian and Chinese are doing the same – but at least they do not tell lies.


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