The path to the end of democracy continues in Austria

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

The blatant start of the end of the European democratic experiment rightfully started in Greece – where the government did not abide to the referendum.

It continued with Portugal and now Austria.

The votes have been decided by postal vote which shows a massive swing to the ‘correct’ candidate (in the general vote the Right Wing candidate was on average on 58% while in the postal vote was about 38%).

Sick of conspiracy theory?
In the city of Waidhofen van der Ydbs the Green candidate won by circa 700 votes. 146.9% of voters casted ballot (yes registered voters 9026 -processed votes 13262).

Still do not believe it? Here the Austrian government website that google can kindly translate for you. And I just found this just searching the net. Imagine what else.

Let’s see it if it needs to happen also in the UK where the fear campaign is having great success.


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