The car revolutions

Posted: May 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

This article should be read with my previous posts.

First Volkswagen has a pollution scandal, then Mitsubishi and now Suzuki have different scandal (fuel consumption levels).

Fiat, Opel (GM Group)Peugeot are under investigation. BMW and Mercedes launched their own internal investigation.

All the car world seems under investigation.

This fact with the rise of Tesla (which, by launching the Model 3, attacks the most lucrative German brand market) and the future incoming of Google and Apple….will change the world as we know it.

Think about the various potential consequences

  • Car production shifting from Europe (Germany) to US and probably China
  • Oil becoming obsolete
  • States needing to change the car taxation as they lose the massive amount of tax from fuel (most likely from fuel consumption to pay per use/kilometer model)
  • Arabic states loosing the oil pricing power (probably becoming more and more like Africa…where millions dies, but nobody cares as there is no oil)
  • Millions more unemployed in Germany

so many consequences the above just scratches the surface. And all this scandals are accelerating the transformation so fast you will not recognize the industry in 5 year


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