Cold War Reloaded

Posted: May 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

It is from 2013 that I rant about the we are in a new cold war.

In effect all started just post the Soviet era where the US promised not to expand NATO at the border of Russia (and specially not within the ex USSR) if the USSR stood down.

Since 1995 there has been a steady infiltration of the US/NATO on the border of Russia.

Now unfortunately the new anti ICBM station in Romania is the last straw.

Now the treaty against tactictal nukes will be shelfed (in reality was already in its way out…it blocks US and Russia developments while China is building up its stock).

So we are in a new arms race (including quite a few next generation nukes).

As the Romans was saying…who is beneffitting from this?

Well as the Governments know that the Reserve Banks praactically exhausted their tools…this is none the else that Quantitative Easing number 4.

But the last time they did something similar unfortunately was 1938….you know how it ended.

The next US President will be very important. More than you think. And Hillary Clinton is more dangerous…in the political circus her nickname is Killary…and she is fully supported by the military industry lobbies. Plus Trump already extended an olive branch to Putin

And President Roosevelt was Democrat as Killary


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