Aleppo, Syria, chessmate

Posted: May 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Western media are ramping up the pressure for end of hostility as a Syrian Government win in Aleppo is an end game for the “Free Rebel” (US, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel) and Islamic State (let’s not go into who support it). The Government victory of Palmira already created the win in the South effectively cutting in two IS and the rebels.
Aleppo is the main trading route of weapon/oil etc with Turkey.

Effectively the fall of Aleppo to the Government will pose an end to the Western dream of toppling Assad.
So any peace talk will have to include Assad as a victor in the war and Qatar oil pipeline to Europe project will have to be shelved.

In the 2016 Real Game of Thrones episode, a score for Russia.


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