The English and President Obama

Posted: April 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

As I thought the scaremongering campaign of the establishment against the English Referendum on Brexit is ramping up.

President Obama not only cleary supported his friend PM Cameron, but on one side reiterated the UK as special friend and, in the same line, that if the UK exited the EU there would be no special treatment.

If I was an Englishman I would be mightly pissed off. This preach comes from a country that would not agree on anything that slightly mars his own sovereignty.

In reality nobody knows what will happen. Everyone has its own ideas.

My personal idea that nothing will happen. Logically on the short term there will be pound crashing and market crash…..but it would merely anticipate something that would happen anyway.

On several accounts the English Pound is too strong and there are too many to count issues in the markets.

There are numerous nation that trade very well with the EU (eg Norway or even Japan) without any drawbacks.

So why the battle? Well the importance of the battle is that it is The Establishment  versus The People.
If UK leaves the EU and survives…it will be the end of Europe. France will leave, Italy will leave etc. Probably there would be Northern Europe led by Germany, Southern Europe led by France.

This battle is part of a bigger revolution led by Trump, Sanders, Marine Le Pen, Salvini, Vorouvakis et co.

It is the revolution of the middle class versus plutocracy (def. Small wealthy elite that rules the mass).

This is a trend that will encounter many defeats and a final victory.

It reminds me of Europe Revolution of 1848.

By all means the revolution had been defeated on the field by 1849/1850.

By 1871 the seeds of revolution had won and Europe was created almost as we know it.

It took 23 years at a time without information and media. Now it will take max 10 years. 2025 from the botched Greek referendum if 2015 (the Greeks voted against the bailout and the Government accepted).

It seems only just that, historically speaking, the battle for democracy started with Greeece.


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