Saudi – USA: an important friendship going wrong

Posted: April 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Saudi-USA “marriage” has touched a new low. And a dangerous one.

The marriage started to sour when the USA  started to accept Iran again as a member of the “normal” Western society after Iran complied with the nuclear requests.

This started to sour the relationships with the Saudis – Iran’s archenemy.

Now a new low point. The US Congress is trying to pass a bill on 9/11 which would make accountable any foreigner (see Saudi Government) involved in the attack.

The Saudi sent a message to President Obama….if the bill does pass we will sell all American assets (estimated USD750 billion).

This is a kind “mutual assured destruction scenario” – it would cripple the US and Saudi Arabia economies. The worst is that such a scenario would provoke repercussions also on China, Japan and Europe. It also would cripple the USD as a reserve currency.

Practically the Global Financial Crisis would be a walk in the park.

As you understand this is more a threat for a negotiations than a real threat – it is such a nuclear option that even Saudi Arabia would cease to exist (

But the interesting thing is that there have been numerous conspiracy theory (the Bin Laden family is very close to the royal kingdom).

Why go to such extent if they were only conspiracy theory? Definitely a few persons in the family new something.

And now President Obama is flying to Saudi Arabia – probably to assure that nothing ill be done, even if the bill passes.

Democracy at work (ironic, I suppose)


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