Emperor Xi of China

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

On the surface China seems cohesive as usual – a One Party Policy and that is it.

But now is 4 years since his ascendancy to the top post and anti corruption campaign and purges continues more than ever.

The economic mismanagement and the abolition of the consensus rule must have created a lot of determined dissent and hostility.

Now sometime even the media dissents (and then is harshly punished).

As the crackdown intensifies it means that political resistance is now an established force in China.

Also with 2014 operation Foxhunt and Skynet, President Xi is targeting also people in exile abroad.

It seems to me that the Chinese 5th column, pushed in the corner, just has to fight back.

President Xi is not threatened, but it is an interesting development in a once monolithic apparatus. Specially if the crisis intensifies (by the way the crisis did not disappeared….just the people who were talking or playing with the stock market).



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