Are Europeans getting tired of US bullying

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Dutch, in a referendum (over 61%),  refused the idea of Ukraine joining the European Union, in contrast to the wishes of the US.

Notwithstanding that the European Union is considering a VISA free travel for Ukrainians (well in quite a few instances democracy has been given up in Europe – Portugal last government, Greek referendum etc).

But you can see the change in Europe…it will take time to defeat the old party, but this is a movement that it will take hold between now and say 2025.

In effect the European voters have it right.

US wages war in Ukraine – and European suffers the consequences as the US/Russia is negligible, whilst the Russia/Europe trade is quite substantial.

The US wages wars at least in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria (there is evidence that idea of the Arab Spring and ousting of Assad was a CIA idea went haywire) and Europe is flooded with an unstoppable wave of migrants and potentially terrorists.

So if the big party politicians do not realize this evolution…they will be part of history soon, as it shows the sudden rise of the right wing German party (2013, nationwide 4.7% – 2016 regional wins between 14.% and 24% – while Merkel party lost a lot and it is just the start).


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