US, brokered convention and the end of democracy

Posted: April 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

Colorado was won by Cruz…without a vote. Ok Trump committed error, but this is another step on a string of “stop Trump” almost illegal campaign. The aim is to get to a brokered convention (no candidates get the votes for the outright nomination), so the party can chose the candidate it wants (well the lobbies want).

The big risk is that Trump gets really angry and runs as independent braking up the Republican party.

On the other side President Obama practically endorsed Clinton saying that there are secret email and then the real secret email. All the while saying that he is neutral while in the midst of a large FBI investigation.

Makes you wonder where the US democracy went so wrong.

A famous Italian politician Sen. Andreotti said “power corrupts”. I think the first sign started in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall …the US did not have to be the good guy against the USSR.

And the end came on with Bush Jr. botched election in 2000 against Al Gore (what a different world would be eh?) and 9/11.

So we really need Trump or Sanders to win.

Or even an independent run of Trump would shake up the US forever and for the better.

There are no easy solution


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