The Panama’s papers:CIA black op?

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well we will never know. But the leak to the journalists has an unknown source.

The leaked names are mainly enemy of state (US), Russia, Iran, China and various Middle Eastern/ African leaders.

Iceland is actually in a dispute to allow permanent basis to the US army for anti Russian surveillance.
Argentina is pivoting towards China.
Ukraine is a US ally, but could need some pressure to comply with Washington.

Logically there are some sacrificial lambs (late father of UK PM Cameron), but that is to be expected  since it cannot be clear.
I do not know, but surprises me not to see any US high flyer where Panama is mainly a US dominion.

Another part of the shadow war world 3 (by the way Putin 3 weeks ago said that there will be a personal attack on himself and his family).

And you thought you needed to watch Game of Thrones…you are living it!


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