Islamic State and Nuclear scare

Posted: April 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

In the media there is quite a lot of talk of Islamic State and nuclear dirty bomb (which means putting “nuclear material wrapped in normal explosives”.

Definitely is a terrifying news and a “dream” event for IS. And with so much nuclear material around in the black market also quite a probability.

There are even some sources that theorize that the Brussels attack was in reality an attack against the nuclear civilian complex – aborted as the leader was caught and the cell decided to blow them self up as they were being targeted.

It is quite probable as the Brussels attack had very well made bombs, but quite rushed (even one bomb did not fit the hailed cab). Also strangely a very good bombmaker decided to make himself blow up (usually the bomber is some stupid base terrorist). Also apparently one security guard at the power station got killed and his badge stolen (promptly denied by the authority).

But a dirty bomb is a bit like nerve gas bomb, only the superpowers could make something really devastating. I can’t go into technicals, but the bomb blast heat would “clean” most of the nuclear waste.

So while the marketing (media) would be great and the clean up messy (as authorities will need to reassure the population at large) the “kill bill” will be more caused by the bomb than by the dirt.

I wish I could say it will be avoided, but the EU incompetence is quite staggering.


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