Belgium: A conspiracy theory with a chilling historic truth

Posted: March 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is just a conspiracy theory. It is quite a while that I see bits and pieces that do not match in the string of terror attacks and Muslim “invasion” .

There is a 2008 Harvard study about the use of migration as a weapon of war.

In 2014 the US granted special VISA to 1519 persons all linked to paramilitary subsersive organization from dismantled pro US rebel group ‘black Ops’ (Cuba, Iraq, Kosovo Liberation Army etc)(font Strategic Culture Journal)

The Tweet stats say that about 45% of the Germans welcome immigrants come from UK, USA and Australia (only 6% from Germany).

Immigration as a weapon has been used various time. Recently US (Vietnam) China (Tibet) Hitler (Poland), Stalin (USSR).

Analyzing the flux the target is Germany which is the core of Europe.

What is the target? Democracy. As the situation deteriorates the people will ask for a strong man.
And the terror attack are used as a ‘primer’ for the shift.

Before you dismiss this please look at history.

Italy in the 1970 was in a terror war between the black (US assisted terrorist), the reds ((USSR  assisted terrorist) and the state. The years were so ferocious that are still called “The years of lead” (for the amount of cartridges spent). On top of this already bad situation the Masonic Lodge P2 headed by Licio Gelli got togheter with a part of black ops Italian Secret Service (Gen Musumeci) with the objective to stoke this terror war (eg blowing up the Bologna train station) and create the condition for the return of a right wing dictator.

At the end the Italian carabinieri (police) found the truth and arrested all the main culprits as anyone can find in Italian Court hearing. They were convicted, but with various special treatments (too big to be arrested for real).

This is history not a conspiracy theory. Well it would make a great movie!

So it is not impossibile that someone could think about it.
Also even if the data points towards the US…it could be Russia. It is a spy game.


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