The 7 yo Bull and the REAL “cocaine” Fed

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

No! This is not my talk or a conspiracy theory!

Richard Fisher, former CEO and President of the Dallas Federal Reserve, admits that the Fed willingly used Quantitative Easing in the stock market like Cocaine (he did use that comparison) to create a general wealth effect (which did not work) as they new the politicians would not step in.

He says that now the FED stepped back and put the market on Ritalin (a rehab drug for cocaine user…I had to research it…how did he know?).

And yes he says there will be a return to the mean.

By the way …why he said it? He just clearly wanted to wash his hand and highlight that he was never in favor of this approach (which by the way it is the same used by Europe, Japan and China). Probably for his next career move.

For the unedited CNBC video:


For who is Richard Fisher



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