Russian FM Lavrov warn of Third World War

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Lavrov in Switzerland said 2 things…we are back cold war (his word…sometime I don’t know if we are in 1962 (Cuban crisis) or 2016).  And the second is that if Turks and Saudi enter Syria it will be a third war world or at least a full on regional war.

Meanwhile Turkey started bombing around Aleppo to defend the Western backed rebels and Syria moved some warplanes to Turkey.

So now pay attention ..if the Western media start spinning a “rescue mission” from Turkey and Saudi to Aleppo that would put directly in contact Turkey/Saudi and Iran/Russia.

And that is what Lavrov is warning us.

Let’ s hope that Kerry (US Secretary of State) and Lavrov ceasefire holds!

PS. Russia have score to settle with both countries. Apart the downing of the SU24, Saudi Arabia also have been accused to help the US in decreasing the oil prices so being part of thr demise of the USSR in the ’80s and the current Russian crisis…so very much the Evil Kingdom


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