Syria. Islamic State side show

Posted: February 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

In Syria the war against Islamic State is really a side show.

Quite funny if it was not so tragic.

Turkey supports the so called Western Rebel (close to al Qaeda) and Islamic State and fights mainly the Kurds and the Syrian State.

The US supports the Kurds and now is trying to wash their hands of the Western Rebel and bomb Islamic state.

Saudi sustain the Turks but do not have any issue with the Kurds and bomb Islamic state for the media.

Iran Russia Iraq and Hezbollah kill anything that is not Syrian army or US/Israeli.

Israeli take out of the equation whatever they  think is a threat avoiding the Russian.

The Saudi now they want to enter the fray against specially the Hezbollah and Iranian. This is scary as the latter two are the only middle eastern armies that even Israel could not entirely defeat. It could really spark a middle east war that would end with the end of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ps imagine oil in this scenario…go buy an electric car!


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