2016-2021 disruptive technologies

Posted: February 8, 2016 in technology, Uncategorized

In the next 5 years there will be a series of disruptive technologies that will disrupt your life and your portfolios.

You need to be aware as they can make you (or lose you) a lot of money and your own job.

Some examples:

Virtual and Augmented reality. This is a big change that will pass first via games and then all the rest. It is the next big thing in consumer electronics

Blockchain: it is a new technology quite sophisticated to explain, but practically dispense the fact of having a unique data center and allows you to have multiple data centers. Easier to make an example: the banks transfer currently use a Reserve Banks for transfers making any procedure cumbersome, slow and admin heavy. In the future the banks will use “diffuse data centers” which will allow faster and less admin heavy transactions. ASX settlements will be practically instantly instead of the current three days.

Lithium: after the Volkswagen debacle everyone is pushing electrical cars. In a few years the hybrid electric cars will substitute the turbo diesel. This could again save Australia as lucky country (but we are running out of luck). And not only cars! Houses are the next big thing!

Robotic advice: robo advice will conquer the cheap end of advise of easy strategy and indexing and banks will reap benefits. So the market will change a bit like the medical industry….a generalist financial adviser “robotic” and a specialist human adviser for very complex financial strategies and complex investment strategies.

Autonomous cars: we are almost there. Have a think of the consequences not only for taxi services, but transport in general (trucks, shipping)

Shopping: in the US Amazon is becoming like a super market. People in the big cities are using it for everything, apart fruit and veggies.

Medical industry: we are quite close to medical breakthroughs with amazing consequences.

These are just a few example and already you can see that a revolution is coming as a lot of these techs will be integrated.



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