Markets: of Bears and Bulls

Posted: February 3, 2016 in crash, stock market, Uncategorized

This post is republished…because it was posted the 3rd February and the 9 February happened exactly hat I told you…wait and see if the media catch up the issue energy junk bond and bank! They did it!

And now oil has a target between $20/$25…good luck!



Well, after the Bank of Japan intervention it seems the Bear are reassessing themselves. What now?

In effect I already posted that the BoJ could only delay the inevitable.

What I do see. I see that 2016 is great opportunity for smart managers.

The low of January has a pattern that does not look like holding and we are going to re test it.

Unless another panic event comes along, the natural end of this correction (please read correction, not crisis) would end up somewhere between 1,820 and 1,720.

When? Between February and March (which is the seasonal oil lows…between $20 and $26). Then there will be a recovery into April and a zig zag trend until October.

More technical updates later as this is what I keep on posting from a while now – but readers keep on asking me about updates.


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