Middle East dogs of war 2016. Syria and Lybia

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

The dogs of war (well another wave) are almost ready to be unleashed again.

Turkey is ammassing troop and increasing the artillery swelling on the border with Syria. It looks like the preparation of a ground incursion at least. How it will deal with Russia has to be seen. But remember that all the sanctions and big words between the 2 are just words as they did not touch the energy deals that could have really hurted Turkey.

Another front is opening. NATO fonts indicate the preparation for am air and ground incursion in Lybia as Italy and Spain are really worried re IS in Lybia. Apparently Italy will lead operations supported by UK US and Spain as major partners.

NATO is apparently waiting the formation of a national unity council so to be ‘legally’ called in.


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