Is it a Crash really impossible?

Posted: January 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

Could 2016 be a repeat (in worse) than 2008?

The situation in 2016 is much better than 2008. All the metrics are better and the FED is wide awake at the steering wheel.

So a mega crash is UNLIKELY, but not impossible.

At the moment the things to watch out are mainly

  • If the news comes out that the US Banks are excessively exposed to US Energy Junk bonds.
  • If one or more (apart Venezuela which nobody cares about) of energy sales dependent state collapses
  • If the FED intervenes, but loses control of the situation
  • The European immigration crisis deepens
  • The Italian banks crisis becomes a new European crisis


So a 2008 style crash is unlikely – but not impossible. Eyes Wide Open.


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